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  management AND project management Experience

    • From 1990 to Present:   Engineering consulting services have been provided to a broad range of clients to help them be successful by meeting their goals.  Success has been measured by a proven track record of enhancing existing systems, reducing manufacturing costs and providing innovative solutions for the clients.

      A wide spectrum of dependable, easy to maintain automated and semi-automated equipment projects have been completed.  These successes are the result of maintaining strong interactive relationships with shops, vendors and of course our clients.

      Moreover, through consistent and focused communication, MSI has been able to deliver creative solutions to challenging problems while meeting our clients expectations for cost, schedule and performance.

    • From 1980 to 1990:  Within Tektronix I transferred over to the CRT Plant, (Cathode Ray Tube).  The "high volume line" was a major project which actually involved 7 major sub-projects, each averaging about $1.5M each.  I was responsible as the lead design engineer for two of the 7 production lines.  The "Bulb Prep" and the "Settling" lines.  While being personally responsible for designing about 20% of the equipment myself, I also coordinated between 3 and 6 other engineers and designers.  These projects were about two years long and were successfully completed.  The Settling line, the more challenging of the two lines replaced a manual production cost center that had approximately  34 operators and managers.  The production rate of the new and the old lines were approximately similar, however, the yields of the original line fluctuated between 30 and 60 percent while yields of the new line remained above 90%.  The greatest achievement of the new automated line was that it only required 4 operators.

      From 1980 to 1986, I continued to provide technical leadership for our design group as well as helping younger engineers and designers in their career development.  The size of the group varied over these years between 11 to 6 people.  Some of the individuals were difficult to work with at times but I was able to help maintain a team atmosphere.

      Between 1986 and 1990, Tektronix's financial performance was poor and our engineering group was eliminated.  Being the only remaining engineer of the group I was busy with a number of R&D type of projects.

    • From 1976 to 1980:  I worked for Tektronix in Beaverton OR, in the Ceramics plant designing custom and automated equipment.  There was a wide variation in the types of equipment needed for industrial ceramics manufacturing and during these years over 80# of the equipment was either modified or replaced.  The replaced equipment was a combination of custom designed and specified equipment.  This position required me to identify opportunities, write the justifications for the ROI's, complete the designs, manage the projects, order the facilitation, and work with the end user until each project was successfully placed into production. 

      My direct manager for this position was extremely capable and placed a high priority in building a network of outside shops and vendors.  Part of my responsibilities was to help develop and maintain these critical relationships.  Many of these relationship still exist and have been extremely valuable over the years.

    • From 1974 to 1976:  After graduating from Oregon State University in 1974 with a BS degree in Engineering, my first job was with Neptune MicroFloc Inc.  While, the majority of my education had been in the technical aspects of engineering, this first position was as a  Project Engineer.  Neptune MicroFloc was an equipment supplier for water and wast water treatment equipment.  As a Project Engineer, that experience has continued to provide valuable insights for working with the various equipment suppliers over the years.

      Neptune MicroFloc was a spin off from CH2M-Hill, and as such followed formal consulting engineering practices.
        This "training" has also proved to be quote valuable. Unfortunately, there was a massive layoff in 1976 so only 32 of the 38 projects that I was responsible for were completed.

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