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  Auto Lisp and Custom CAD interface projects

Custom programs and customization have been successfully developed for various CAD systems.  This has allowed a number of drawing and design functions to be automated which has resulted in some tremendous efficiency improvements. 

The bulk of these development efforts have been for Autocad through the use of AutoLisp.  Customization programs for Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks have been developed using VB.Net.  The "on screen" Template, (shown on the left) is a typical example of a number of the custom programs and functions that have been developed.

A category of applications that have been developed but have not been take advantage of by a Client is the combination of a custom CAD program integrated into a manufacturing machine.  One example of such an application was a 3-Axis grinding machine.  The challenge of this application is to easily and accurately "define" the exact tool path of a grinding wheel to obtain a desired shape.  Because the Client’s parts were in a 3D CAD environment,  the interface program could generate the tool path from the features that are designated by the CAD operator.  Once a file was generated it could be downloaded into the grinder's control system, resulting in manufacturing of some very complex shapes.

The Picture above:  There are four categories of functions on this custom template.  The upper Left quadrant provided excellent "view control" in a 3D environment.  The upper Right quadrant provided a number of "construction line" tools for developing sketches.  The lower Left tools managed layers.  The Lower Right provided good User Coordinate System, UCS control.

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