automated assembly machines


This machine assembled a small part into a handle with a "crimp" rivet.  Four vibratory bowl feeders can be seen.  A fairly large number of sensors were implemented to help maintain the reliability.  There are approximately 120 Inputs and Outputs into the the PLC, (Programmable Logic Controller).

This machine is also a good example of our 100% guarding philosophy.   Each of the openings in the frame is covered with a Lexan sheet.  This not only protects the operators but also helps to keep the machine running smoothly by keeping dirt out of the bowl feeders.  The doors covering the areas that needed frequent access were interlocked with a fiber optics safety system to allow easy and safe access. 


This is a view of a small portion of a machine that inserted saw blades, knife blades, and files into handles.  The part gripper, (about the center of the picture incorporates) was manipulated around a number of axis, including: extend/ retract, grip, rotate, and twist.