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Project Management for Ink Production Facility

The project involved the development of a facilities to manufacture solvent based ink and Thermal Impact Ink Ribbon, (similar as shown to the left). 

Three major areas were involved for the project:  Ink production, (shown at bottom); Film coating (not shown for proprietary reasons), and Auxiliary facilities (such as Supply Tanks, Dust Collection, Oxidizer and others). 

Project Management Responsibilities:

  1. Developed the P&I Diagram for the process.
  2. Developed Scope of Work Specifications to minimize engineering costs.
  3. Presented numerous recommendations for lower costs, improved safety, and reliability of the process.
  4. Helped orchestrate, Architect, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and other outside resources.
  5. Assisted with the Permit process through final inspections.
  6. Helped coordinate the installation of new equipment while minimizing the impact on existing production.
  7. Assisted with the identification and implementation of a number of additional necessary facilities improvements.
  8. Helped resolve critical supplier issues.
  9. Specified the design of the Software and HMI interface.
  10. Assisted with the implementation and commissioning to complete the Project.

Additional Engineering Support Provided:

  1. Assisted the Client to optimize the process, lowering the cost and improving automation. 
  2. Developed Floor layouts, including the equipment platform.
  3. Designed the Ink Manufacturing Control System, including PLC control cabinet with Class 1, Div. 1 intrinsically safe sub-systems.
  4. Proposed and designed the Hopper/ Hoist system.  This system improves production, operator safety, operator ergonomics, and general cleanliness of the area, (See picture below).  The hoppers interfaced with the tanks through a sealed load lock system. 
  5. Assisted with Tank Design and layout, (See picture below).  Because of the Class 1, Div. 1 nature of the solvents, the tank design implemented a nitrogen "blanket", a Conservation Valve with Flash Arrestor, a Safety High Pressure Valve, (Plumbed directly outside of the building) and an Ultrasonic Level detection Sensor.   
  6. Developed a series of Pipe Layout drawings with Bills of Material which were used for quoting, (See pictures below).
  7. Designed a number of custom items, (heated drip pan, heated filter housing, modification of existing equipment and others).
  8. Developed and designed a custom heated double wall piping system that utilized Tri-Clamp couplings for ease of installation and maintenance.

Engineering Assistance Provided:

  1. Web path modification and equipment design.
  2. Web path speed improvements, which also greatly increased the reliability of the Coater line.
  3. Web tension issues.
  4. Web guide issues.
  5. Automatic splicing issues.
  6. Lower Explosive Limit, (LEL) sensors application and installation.
  7. Humidity Controls implementation.

Cad Model for Ink Production Facility:


Upper Tanks with Nitrogen Blanket and Safety Equipment:


Lower Tanks and Pumps:


MCC and Example of Conduit Installation:


Pipe and Class 1, Div. 1 Installation: