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"bridge" type projects, Laser shown

A particular application of the Batch Process software that has been developed was for a purchased “laser scribe” machine.  The laser scribed various text and or pictures onto parts:

The first requirement of that project was to work with the companies IT department to develop a software interface to interface with their customer service representatives.  The Representatives were able to enter order information directly into a data base.    

When the order, which sometimes was accompanied with a part, arrived at the laser station, a number of verification were implemented to ensure  that the correct part was associated with the correct order. The "bridge" program then downloaded the appropriate information directly into the laser.

The software also accessed information, such as the correct fixture number, and guided the operator to complete the process.  Operator training and mistakes were greatly reduced.

This was a very successful project and is a good representation of the type of coordination and team work that has been provided to meet the needs of the Clients.  One of the more challenging aspects of this project was to work with the company (who was in Europe) that provided the laser equipment so that the "bridge" program could setup and "remotely" operate the laser.