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custom material handling & clean room equipment

Many types of custom material handling systems have been developed over the years.  The above picture shows a conveyor system that feeds parts into a "Clean Room".  The parts were removed from the shipping boxes and placed into the Stainless Steel cartridges, (shown on the top conveyor).  The cartridges were then automatically transferred to an elevator lift which off loaded the parts into the clean room, (one floor above).  A number of unique features were designed into these conveyors to minimize particle generation.  One of the key features was the use of a "top flight" conveyor configuration.  A top flight system is constructed of free rolling rollers that are able to "roll" under the cartridges when they stacked up at the end of the conveyor.  This ability to freely glide greatly minimized any particle generation.  An added benefit of this system is that the acceleration of any parts placed onto the conveyor was greatly reduced.

Process Piping and facilities


There have been a number of projects over the years that have involved various types of process plumbing and Class 1 Div. 1 electrical installations.

Clean Room Facilities Projects


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