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This is a "before" picture of a "Gold Bond" printing press attachment.  The original design used a modified clutch for stopping and starting the "foil".  Because of the high cycle rate, the clutch mechanism needed to be repaired or replaced about every 3 months. 

Another problem was that since the cables were flexed in the same location every time, as the platen moved in and out, the cables failed fairly frequently. 

About Us

A large percentage of the projects completed over the last 20 years have had at least one axis of numerical control.  On the right is the "after" picture which incorporated stepping motors to accurately draw the foil after each stamp.   The dependability of the stepping motors greatly eliminated the reliability of the systems.

A number of Servo Systems, AC, DC and Variable Frequency Drives have also been successfully implemented. 

To solve the problem of the wires failing, a rack and pinion slide was implemented.  This caused the bending of the cables to be spread over a long section of the cables.  This approach greatly increased the reliability of the system and allowed for effective guarding.