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Rotary Table Platforms

This platform can be incorporated into a number of semi-automated processes.   The two positions of the table allows for the front position to be loaded/unloaded while the back position presents a part for processing.   

These two position turntables provides a number of advantages:  1) They are safer because the operator is separated from the process.  2)  Ergonomics are improved because the operator is not required to reach very far to load the parts.  This also improves production efficiency.  3) Because the loading/ unloading is performed in parallel with the manufacturing process the production rate on these machine platforms is almost doubled.

A number of machines have been built around this platform.  Equipment with 3 to 4 seconds times have reliably produced 10's of millions of assemblies.  In addition to being  robust, these designs are easily maintained.  

The frame shown is extremely stiff with very few thousands of deflection under a load of 10,000 pounds.  A large variety of processes can be easily adapted to these platforms.