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MSI Controls library


The MSI Controls Library is not just a collection of component files but a "system" to assist in the effective 3D design of Electrical Control Cabinets. 

-  Only "standard" Solidworks practices are required, resulting in a quick learning curve and dependable designs. 

-  Simplified component shapes provide small file sizes and are useful for adding new components.

-  Every component automatically populates BOM's through Custom Properties.

-  Components snap into position on Din Rails or through holes for quick placement. 

-  Many components include Smart features.

-  Design Tables are built into most files, allowing for easy addition of related part numbers.

-  Manufacturer Data Sheets PDF's are linked to part files for quick and easy reference.  

Note:  It is recommended to complete Electrical Schematics before using the MSI Controls Library.

Downloading and using the library implies that the user agrees to the EULA terms!