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vision recognition projects

The broad experience of Mechanical, Controls, and software has allowed MSI to successfully develop and implement a number of critical vision recognition projects.

Included in these projects has been reliably locating and placing complex parts, high-speed inspection, adjustments of optical assemblies, and others.  

The picture shows the measurement of a part that is required to be accurately bent.  As shown, R,S,T, and U are 4 inspection zones.  Because the vision system can capture the image and analyze the picture in a fraction of a second, this application can be installed directly onto the process machine, allowing for a number of opportunities:  

   1)  The parts can be inspected in real time, thus eliminating inspection costs, tooling etc. 

   2)  100% of the parts can be inspected. 

  3)  The process machine can be configured to reject parts, retry to the process, or even to attempt to adjust the process to recover the part.  

  4)  In some cases the vision system program can be designed to identify critical features and dimensions of parts to allow for automatic setup between different parts.